I find myself in pieces after cover along 3-Day Convention.  “My camera has given me access to many things.”

Growing up in the late 90’s I would have never imagined that I’d dream of being a photographer. Who would think that I’d get paid for something that I love to do? I appreciate the gift of vision and recognition of light as it dances and illuminates a scene. Now I am available to share my vision for your project, brand, or just for personal portraits as well.
For more of your corporate information, I call campaigns you can click here Campaigns. If you are a personal brand, small company, or non-profit trying to capture your audience’s attention for a macro-second longer, click this button Work With Me.
 To get a better sample of my style I do most of my visual storytelling on my VSCO account | VSCO | I find it great with the journal feature.  You can see more of my daily portraiture on the IG | Instagram | & don’t forget to subscribe to me on | YouTube | I will take you on the journey behind some of the work on that channel.
Phone: (832) 226-21eighty
Email: studio@kharydixon.com